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Buying a house is a tedious and troublesome thing, and many people will be in a hurry and have no way to start Overall wardrobe brand www.pbbhome Com

buying a house is a complicated and troublesome thing. Many people will be in a hurry and have no way to start with what they don't understand. What procedures and certificates do you need to buy a house? The design book has sorted out some relevant materials for you, hoping to help you

what procedures are needed to buy a house

the first step of the procedure of buying a house: checking the house and verifying the property right is the key

buying a house must depend on whether the relationship between land and house property rights is clear, whether there are any remaining disputes, and prevent two sales of one house; Examine and approve the integrity, authenticity and reliability of housing property rights. Pay attention to whether the name of the owner on the property right certificate is consistent with the seller, whether there is mortgage or co owner, etc; We should make clear whether the purchased house is a commercial house, a fund-raising house or an affordable house. Fund raising houses can only be listed and traded after being sealed by the unit, while affordable houses can only be listed and traded after living for five years

if it is a future house, first understand whether the developer has the pre-sale qualification of commercial houses, that is, check whether the "five certificates" are complete. The five licenses refer to the "construction land planning license", "construction project planning license", "construction project construction license", "state-owned land use license" and "commercial housing sales (pre-sale) license"

the second step of the procedures for buying a house: sign the contract

to confirm the legal identity of the buyer and the seller. Before signing the real estate intermediary contract, its qualification should be examined to see whether it has gone through the industrial and commercial registration procedures; Review the power of attorney of the other party to confirm that the other party is the legal agent of the seller. When signing the purchase and sale contract, the buyer shall pay the down payment or deposit of the house purchase. Remember that this amount should be handed over to the seller in person, and the seller will issue a receipt. When handing it over to others, we must examine the power of attorney of the other party to confirm whether the other party is the legal agent of the seller

third step of house purchase procedures: the necessary procedures cannot be simplified. After three steps of house selection, house viewing and contract signing, the substantive stage of house purchase will be entered. Specifically: housing area mapping, housing value evaluation, housing mortgage, housing property transfer, and receipt

after purchasing the house, the seller should apply for the house property certificate as soon as possible and urge the seller to move out of the account as soon as possible; Do not simplify procedures, do not trade privately, and handle the transfer procedures legally and thoroughly. The transfer of property rights must be reported to the property rights department to complete the transfer procedures

step 4 of the house purchase procedures: deliver the house

after handling all the procedures as agreed in the contract, the buyer and the Seller shall hand over the house according to the terms of the contract, accept the house decoration and ancillary facilities that cannot be removed in the house, and pay the buyer after passing the acceptance. The buyer shall not pay all the house price before obtaining the house property certificate

as for the payment of taxes, it should be indicated in the sales contract which party should pay, and those not indicated should be borne by each party in accordance with the provisions; Finally, according to the regulations of the real estate trading center, when receiving the real estate certificate, you must be present in person. If you cannot be present to obtain the certificate for some reason, you should go through the notarization procedures of entrusted Certificate in advance

what certificates are needed to buy a house

documents required for full payment purchase:

1. Married: marriage certificate, ID card, household register of both husband and wife

2. Single: ID card, household register, bachelor certificate

full payment purchase procedures:

one time payment, generally directly pay the money at the Sales Office (including the money of various taxes), and the remaining sales office can handle it for you, just wait for the property right certificate

certificates needed to buy a house with loans

1. Marriage: marriage certificate, household register, income certificate, copy of unit business license with official seal, payroll card flow (one year or half a year, different banks, different needs), ID card, spouse's ID card, spouse's household register, spouse's marriage certificate. If the two people borrow money together, the spouse also needs to show the income certificate, the copy of the copy of the company's business license, stamped with the official seal, and the salary flow

2. Single: single certificate (which can be produced by the unit, street or local police station), household register, income certificate, bank statement and ID card

loan purchase procedures:

1. New house: go to the Bank alone to sign (with the above information, the specific information sales will tell you)

2. Second hand housing: go to the bank with the seller to sign

certificates required for housing purchase with provident fund

materials required for individuals to apply for housing loans with Provident Fund:

1. Copy of the applicant's ID card

2. A copy of the applicant's household register (including the home page and the home page)

3. Original income certificate of the applicant

4. The original of the applicant's provident fund deposit certificate

5. Original purchase contract and down payment invoice. If you are married, you also need to provide the above materials of your spouse and a copy of your marriage certificate

6. Copy of housing sales license

7. Copy of land use certificate

housing purchase procedures with provident fund

housing loan processing procedures with Provident Fund:

1. The management center reviews the application materials and signs the loan contract according to the loan approval form if it meets the loan conditions

2. Handle guarantee procedures with the guarantee company and sign a mortgage contract

3. Sign the bank receipt and entrusted deduction agreement with the entrusted bank

4. The management center entrusts the bank to transfer the loan funds to the account of the house selling unit

5. The guarantee company handles the real estate mortgage registration procedures for the lender

buying a house involves a lot of money than the price, so buying a house now is one of the major events in life and should be treated with caution. At the same time, there are many formalities and certificates required for buying a house. The design book has been introduced to you one by one in the article, and I believe it will be helpful for you to buy a house. Overall wardrobe brand www.pbbhome com




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