Beware of 7 Hidden Rules for home decoration traps

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There are too many decoration traps to prevent. Xiaobian shares 7 Hidden Rules of decoration. It's really frightening to see them suddenly. Friends should polish their eyes and distinguish them. Don't accidentally give others a cushion

1. The model room is fake and affordable

but the owner has to investigate whether the model room is affordable or not. At ordinary times, 50000 and 60000 model rooms are not affordable, which is called killing customers. This is also a common means for building materials merchants to raise the price first and then promise discounts, so the owner must investigate in person to know

2. Material upgrading

for example, the upgrading of latex paint is of high grade. Pay attention to this. The price of general building materials that dare to upgrade you must be the same. Businesses do not lose anything. Process upgrading is a lie. It is obviously bricklayers' work, and it has to be said that it is foreign technology. Hehe, this kind of activity has reached the shameless boasting level. If the owner still believes it, it will really be hopeless, Maybe the final contract can only be slaughtered by others

3 Mystify

spread false news, such as the price will rise next year, set it quickly before the new year, and so on. What's ridiculous is that the so-called registration is listed and posted online. Obviously, no one set it, but it has been written on the Internet: hundreds of applications have been registered

4 Construction before payment

this kind of trick that children all know is a deceptive trick. Some people are still delusional. Think about it. It is to construct before payment, not to pay after construction, which means to occupy the house first. Once the construction is started a little, then collect money. If you don't give money, people will quit. When other companies see this half of the work, they will think that the owner is difficult to deal with and dare not take it

5. Dispose of excess building materials

in fact, there will be some building materials that are not used up during the decoration. At this time, the workers will tell you that it is free to dispose of them for you. In fact, they will take them to recycle or give them to the next family for decoration when decoration. The correct treatment is to contact the shop when purchasing materials. Generally speaking, it can be refunded

6. Third party supervision guarantee

it's no surprise that there are excuses everywhere to reassure the owner. Everyone is shouting that we have a third-party guarantee. Once something happens, we don't know who this third party is. Even if we know the third party, this third party has no formal recognition of the state, no guarantee, and is just a fictitious third party, The purpose is to reassure the owner by psychological suggestion

7. Known as one of the major decoration companies

as long as the community is decorated, there are many building materials merchants selling materials. The owner carefully looks at the slogan of the building materials merchants, such as selling ceramic tiles. There are a total of 20 tile sellers in the community, but these 20 have the slogan of China's top ten brands. What's funny is that this propaganda slapped himself

decoration companies are the same. Don't trust the so-called major decoration companies. Who commented on it, the Construction Committee? Home decoration commission? Hehe, the State Council can give you comments as long as you pay





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