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Wood is a gift of nature to us. We should cherish it and make full use of it with gratitude and awe. With more and more solid wood doors today, Lawson wood door will talk to you about the way out for the development of solid wood doors

solid wood door refers to the material used to make the wood door is natural log or solid wood integrated material from the forest. The processed finished door has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks, heat insulation and so on

Lawson wood doors are mainly engaged in solid wood doors, composite wood doors, molded wood doors, etc., and has its own views on the development direction of solid wood doors. Here are five directions for the future development of solid wood doors

1. Innovative design in classic style

whether in the east or the west, there are many types of classic style wooden doors in history, such as Western Baroque, Rococo, neoclassical style, etc., and eastern Chinese Ming style wooden doors, Qing style wooden doors, etc

the design of this kind of wooden door requires respect for the classicality of its style. However, ancient wooden doors can not fully meet the living needs of modern people, such as there was no TV, no computer, and the theory of ergonomics has not appeared before. Therefore, design expansion and optimization are also needed. In general, there are five design methods:

(1) prototype imitation. Faithfully follow the original classic style, but supplement the functional parts that were not available before

(2) prototype variation. On the basis of the original style, the shape is changed to extend more forms

(3) construction mode. Draw lessons from the original style of design methods or form elements to give greater play

(4) prototype divergence. Abandon the concrete elements of the original style, take its charm, and create a new form of modern style

the last method breaks away from the original position of classical style and begins to trend towards modern style, but the root of culture is still there. No matter which of the above methods is adopted, it is the right choice. In addition, the so-called design is clumsy and will be regarded as "garbage" design internationally

2. Modern high-value art boutique design

this is also a route suitable for responding to the high-end market and meeting the needs of modern upstarts with taste, culture, aesthetic appreciation and affordability

the design of this kind of wooden door cannot be stereotyped, but it is also a modern style, but there are countless inspiration sources and complex expressions in the field of nature and human thought, so it should be a diversified and colorful world, responding to the hopes and dreams of different people

3. Solid wood independent single product is mixed with other products

at present, the domestic mainstream solid wood door group is full of stupid and thick set products. Imagine that if a family, the whole indoor space is such a material and color, can the atmosphere be good? No matter what kind of material and color, if you use too much, you are bound to feel depressed and heavy. Where is grade? In fact, the market needs to be diversified. Now, on the one hand, wooden door enterprises are seriously homogenized, and on the other hand, many consumer needs cannot be met. Without enterprises to respond, consumers have no choice. Isn't this our opportunity

4. Multi material composite and supporting route

in fact, wood doors are made of a wide range of materials. Each material has its unique advantages and must have its limitations. The correct way is to apply various materials to the products and parts that are most suitable for them. Board and wood, wood and plastic, wood and metal, wood and stone, wood and leather, once combined, will produce different effects

5. Popular solid wood door route

from a pragmatic perspective, the current secular and popular solid wood door market is still unavoidable, and the formation of the market is the result of the comprehensive action of consumers, manufacturers, suppliers and the media. Modern solid wood doors and low-cost style wood doors made by trend followers also have their inertia, and will not disappear for a long time in the future. But the right direction should be to use more cheaper sustainable recycled wood species




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