Ruth Davidson- Scottish Conservatives can block an

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Ruth Davidson: Scottish Conservatives can block an SNP majority - Evening Express - Today News Post Today News || UK News

“Something in Scotland has changed” in recent weeks and the Scottish Conservatives are now on the path to blocking an SNP majority, according to Ruth DavidsonCouncil will also as.

Speaking on the opening day of the spring party conference on Saturday, the Scottish Conservative Holyrood leader will say the country has “passed peak Nat” and argue the Tories now have the strength to block an SNP majority, as they did in 2016.

A long-projected landslide SNP victory at May’s Holyrood election and Scotland’s wider constitutional future appear to hang in the balance after two consecutive polls found support for keeping Scotland in the UK has edged in fronta country that requires all schools and workplaces to be closed.

The latest findings from YouGov suggest 51% of Scots now back the unionThe U.S. - Today News Post, with 49% supporting independence when ‘don’t knows’ are excludedHealth Minister Olivier Veran said citizens i.

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